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Individual Counseling

Seeking counseling can be a scary thought. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you, it is simply a need for an objective point of view from a professional who is far removed from the circumstances in your life. Life sometimes closes in so tightly you can’t see clearly, making you feel overwhelmed and confused. A professional can help you sort and organize your thoughts, giving you more perspective and insight. Tondra works with you to re-gain more control and feel more empowered over your circumstances. Tondra specializes in treating individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, low self- esteem, grief/loss, and/or career issues.

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Relationship Counseling

Most individuals feel fulfilled in life when they have healthy relationships. Tondra’s goal is to help you deal with the baggage from your past that prevents you from experiencing the benefits of being in a healthy relationship. If you find yourself repeating unwanted patterns or cycles relationally, afraid of commitment, single and miserable, having premarital counseling needs, struggling with unresolved past issues, or in pain after a breakup or divorce, then schedule a relationship counseling session here.

Couples/Marriage Counseling

There is help for you if you are struggling or feeling hopeless in your relationship. Things can improve and get better. Many people get married thinking their relationship will work out haphazardly, not having a plan for when problems arise that lead to stress and strain on the relationship. Tondra’s mission is to equip and empower you with tools and skills that improve the quality of your relationship. She will work together with you in a confidential, non- judgmental manner where both peoples’ perspectives will be heard and valued. She will work together with you as a team to improve communication and conflict resolution, as well as address issues of parenting, infidelity, money/finances, sex, pornography, and/or intimacy problems. The secret to a great marriage/relationship is working through issues in a direct and mutually respectful way. Time does not heal all wounds – be proactive in improving your relationship today.

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